If you are not planing to sell a house but you want to know it’s commercial value, or in case it’s a part of a inherited property that you want to buy from the other inherits, or a legal process on the property an needs evaluation, we advise that you use our commercial evaluation services for finding the commercial value of the property. This evaluation as only a merely informative character and it is not certified for use has bank financing, tax purposes, but can be used sometimes for judicial purposes when there is a dispute and the court indicates a mediation company to find the right market price for the property. Also when some inheritances want to know the market price of a property they inherit, either to divide or to buy, we do this consulting services and we elaborate a report with the following informations:

  • Composition
  • Age and Conservation Status of the property
  • Description of the area where it is part
  • Finishes and used materials in the construction
  • General Considerations and Evaluation Assumptions
  • Market comparison
  • Potential market value of the property



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