Has a mediation company, our job is to make shore that when a client is buying a property, he is not going to confront with document problems, inheritances, false sellers or other sort of problems complicating their purchase, so we do a previous and careful analyse of the legality of the property and make shore that it is ready to sell, or that has issues that need to be resolved previously advertising. We also do a mediation contract with all the sellers to make shore that they will sell the property if we find a client willing to buy.

In some situations, and because the clients are not familiar with the buying process, they also want to assure that no problem exists with the property, so the contract a solicitor to assist them in all the process is a good solution.

Has part of our service, and also has our obligation to the costumer,is to assure that the buying process is smooth and quick. We know excellent and experienced solicitors we can suggest, witch can assist you in English and will guarantee the purchase success for a low rate, or you can choose one of your choice from the many in the region.

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