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The late evening sun dapples through the leaves, its light playing on crystal clear water; the Caddis are emerging so soon the fish will begin to feed. Leaning an old cane fly rod against the trunk of an ancient tree you sit down amongst the tangled roots, reading the river, your eyes searching for the big brown trout you spotted earlier, and you’re wondering how on Earth you were lucky enough to find this place.


This place is named Quinta Prio Mendes, it’s a 12000 m2 (almost two and a half acre) off-grid small holding, comprising of two buildings, a large meadow and 4 private River Beaches; it’s fronted by 350 meters of secluded access to the beautiful River Ceira; secluded yes, but easy to reach via a well maintained unmade track; there is secure off road parking, with railed steps providing safe passage down to lower levels. You are only a few kilometers from the market town of Gois, but you could be a world away.


Quintessentially, this is a place of peace – fishing, swimming or just sitting around, admiring the natural nature reserve, the choice is yours. You aren’t that distant from the road, but somehow the traffic seems so very far away.


Of the two onsite buildings, the larger, of stone and recently restored, provides 1st floor studio accommodation with en-suite bathroom, the room below currently being used for storage.

The second, a little closer to the river, is wooden with a slate floor and contains toilets and showers – all effluent being collected in a septic tank of contemporary design and fitted with an alarm.


Quinta Prio Mendes, with much of its restoration already completed, is a truly rare find. Without question, an enchanting private home, but with further investment, this very special little place has real commercial promise. The location, inspiring and pristine, has significant potential for

eco-tourism, but, equally, would well serve anyone seeking some undisturbed fishing in exquisite surroundings.


The Central Region, ignored for so long, is now being discovered, both internally, and as an international destination. There is good road access to major cities, Coimbra, Porto, Lisbon; to the main line rail services and to the airports. To the north, the Spanish ferry ports of Bilbao and Santander are well within a day’s drive.

There are full services within a short distance, good shopping, good food, cafes and bars.


In the locality, alongside the necessities of modern living, you will find history and community, a slower pace of life where the old traditions are still kept, this is a piece of rural Portugal at its best – tho understandably, for some, more important than that, there is a long stretch of clean water which gives some very excellent fishing.


Some details:

  • The building that was recently renovated, has two floors and an extension made of wood that is composed of toilet and shower, water heated by electric cistern, another room (bedroom) On the top floor.
  • In the lower floor is a room that contains the installation of the electrical system to support the photovoltaic panels.
  • For water supply there is a pump that draws water from the river, which is filtered for consumption.
  • The toilet is connected to a closed pit, with an alarm warning when it is full and needs the services of collection of the county.
  • On this off grid property the river front has several zones for bathing, fishing and a bit more possible for canoeing. The land has access by dirt road, it is practically all flat, with access to vehicles ideal for camping.
  • The property currently has internet connection, telephone and satellite TV.


  • Great investment opportunity for business

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