Waste & Sewage Solutions

biorockThe sewage is an important issue that has to be taken into account because of the risk of pollution, and because of the requisites implemented by portuguese law. The Biorock is a good solution and it is applicable for a family house, has can also be for more people.

BIOROCK products

Sewage Treatment Plant

BIOROCK® offers a complete range of compact packaged, non-electrical waste water treatment plants, denominated into 5, 10 & 15 person systems. If installed in parallel the treatment units can also cater for 30, 45, 60 people and so on. BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment plants offers an ideal solution for domesticwaste water treatment.

The BIOROCK system consists of a separate settlement tank, which can be an existing traditional brick or concrete septictank, followed by the BIOROCK sewage treatment plant.

We can put you in direct contact with the Biorock representative in Portugal for you situation to be studied.


For more information about this system, please visit http://www.biorock.com/


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